Writing Prompts

Here are a few prompts I keep around to help get the creative juices flowing.

Personal Prompts
Try writing to prompts like these on the daily as a quick exercise.
  1. About a quote you live by
  2. Your body: what you love, what you hate
  3. Coffee or tea?
  4. A book, movie, or show you've been obsessed with and why
  5. The best gift you've ever gotten or the first gift that popped into your mind
  6. You can live in any fictional world you want, but you won't be able to return to your current life. Will you go? Why?
Dialogue Prompts
Give these simple, sometimes outrageous quotes context.
  1. "You give me the word, nobody will ever find the body parts."
  2. "Somebody catch that bird or so help me..."
  3. "Shut up." "I didn't say anything!" "Shut up."
  4. "How might one politely shoot another person?"
  5. "Is that your third cup of coffee today?"
  6. "This is officially the worst case I have ever worked on. That's including the one with the dog as a suspect."
  7. "I lied to you. Get that through your head."
  8. "There's good in you." "I really think all that's in me at this point is ramen, energy drinks, and spite."
  9. "I don't love you, I never did, but why didn't you love me?"
Word Prompts
What do you think of when you see these words? Write about that. Or just try using them in a sentence when tight on time.
  1. Amorphous: indefinite, shapeless
  2. Balaclava: a mask covering the head and neck
  3. Chafe: irritate, abrade
  4. Ditzy: silly, scatterbrained
  5. Effervescent: bubbly
  6. Great: (in size) considerably above average
  7. Halcyon: care-free
  8. Lassitude: fatigue
  9. Nebulous: indistinct
  10. Opulent: ostentatious
  11. Quiescent: peaceful
  12.  Sarcoline: flesh-colored
  13. Unctuous: smug, ingratiating
  14. Zenith: highest point
Scene/Story Prompts
These are prompts that could easily become complete stories, novels even.
  1. A serial killer becomes a licensed psychologist and kills his victims by slowly getting them to consider suicide.
  2. A movie theater worker is cleaning up after the movie is over when they find Main Character ugly crying in a corner seat with popcorn spilled on their lap.
  3. Person A pulls Person B's name in a Secret Santa. Person A waits until the last minute to get a gift and ends up giving Person B expired chocolate on accident.
  4. A boy is over his ex, but when he sees said ex happy with a new person, the boy wonders why they didn't work out.


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