Logophile: (n.) a lover of words
Being that I've actually run out of room on my spacious bookshelves, I would consider myself an ardent reader. Of those books, the vast majority are fiction novels because - as expected from an INFP like myself - I greatly enjoy living in my own mind. In the same way, I love my three dogs more than I love most humans, especially because they don't bug me while I drink my tea and scour Pinterest for new music to listen to.

I plan to major in English at my local university, though I did seriously consider the more specific "linguistics" major because it would focus on how language came about. Let's be real, though, what the heck can I do with a linguistics degree? Aspiring to be an English teacher is nerdy enough.

When I near deadlines for literally anything, I often fail to properly care for myself, meaning I drink far too much coffee and end up having little anxiety attacks; just goes to show that not everything should be procrastinated. I have a tight-knit group of friends who by sheer coincidence share most of my political views. Those views, by the way, I am absolutely unafraid to share. I'm a proud democrat, one still learning to choose my fights wisely.

I had a blog once upon a time, but I hope to be more consistent with this one. I would like to work on book reviews, writing tips, life experiences, and opinion pieces. We'll see how this one goes. Fingers crossed!

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