An Introductory Post

a feminist bibliophile
In all honesty I'm not so grand at talking about myself, but I just wrote my About Me page and I'm on a roll.

I am Kenya, named after the African country. Before you ask, no I was not born in Africa (I get this question way too much). I was born in oh-so-sunny California to a Mexican mother and a Guatemalan father. I take a lot of pride in my heritage and the fact that I'm actually in touch with the culture and the language. The language is particularly wondrous. Spanish is so different from English, the roots of its words are sprouted in different values. Spanish, in particular, tends to have all of these awe inspiring words used to describe family time (sobremesa), sweets (empalagado), and compassion (pena ajena). That's not to say that those pastimes and values don't exist in North American or English culture, but words are born out of necessity after all.

Languages have always been a subject of interest for me, which I think started way back in elementary school. Back then, I read about a book a week, always choosing books that challenged me. I was usually reading about three grade levels above my own, though I was always second best when it came to reading and writing. Unfortunately, now a senior in high school, I continue to be second best. I'm not a straight-A student, I don't do well on timed-writes or tests, I suck at math, I'm not popular, my extracurriculars are lacking. Still, I am the type of person who has faith in the universe, choosing to believe that everything will work itself out in time. Whether it be my inferiority complex or sexism throughout the world, I think things will be sorted out.

Now that you know too much about me and my beliefs, I think it will be easier to explain my plans for this blog. And by plans, I mean abstract concepts because I'm sort of all over the place at this moment in time. Don't worry, I surely won't talk about smashing the patriarchy in every blog post. I find deep pleasure in talking politics, but I also adore baking, DIY-ing, books (as you might have guessed), bullet journaling, self-care, and so many more things. I hope to explore all of these topics in their own ways through these posts. It might seem like a wide array of topics, but these are all little things that I feel make life a tad more bearable.

Sincerely, Kenya


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