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How to Make Time for Reading In the New Year

My family recently adopted a Yorkie-mix puppy, one who likes to play and cuddle and pee on our hardwood floors. We all knew that an addition to the family would be a big responsibility and require great commitment, but I never expected to feel like a teen mom. Since we rescued him two weeks ago, I have only left my house three times for no more than a couple of hours. Not only that, but this is my winter break; I was supposed to get through the entirety of the Harry Potter series, just for the heck of it! So far I've gotten through Sorcerer's Stone and about twenty-eight pages of Chamber of Secrets. With book series like J.K. Rowling's, I almost always throw myself into them and binge-read a book a day. But being a teen (dog) mom means that I'm awake from seven to midnight every day, trying to keep another living creature, well, living.

For us book-obsessed folk, having something compromise our reading time is like making us pick only one favorite book: it's pretty…

An Introductory Post

In all honesty I'm not so grand at talking about myself, but I just wrote my About Me page and I'm on a roll.

I am Kenya, named after the African country. Before you ask, no I was not born in Africa (I get this question way too much). I was born in oh-so-sunny California to a Mexican mother and a Guatemalan father. I take a lot of pride in my heritage and the fact that I'm actually in touch with the culture and the language. The language is particularly wondrous. Spanish is so different from English, the roots of its words are sprouted in different values. Spanish, in particular, tends to have all of these awe inspiring words used to describe family time (sobremesa), sweets (empalagado), and compassion (pena ajena). That's not to say that those pastimes and values don't exist in North American or English culture, but words are born out of necessity after all.

Languages have always been a subject of interest for me, which I think started way back in elementary scho…