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Stop Book Hoarding in 2017!

I've been working on a post about my book club for the past week, but since it's taking longer than expected, I decided to model after one of my favorite book vlogger's, PeruseProject (AKA Regan). She posted a video on her YouTube channel where she laid out all the books she wants to read sometime this year, many of them being genres she felt she'd neglected in 2016. I started to wonder if there were any books in my "To Be Read" pile that don't really deserve to be there - sure enough, there's plenty.

I strongly believe that every reader is a hoarder. We love the feeling of adding to our never-ending collection, even when we know we literally have no more room on our shelves; this I say from experience. So maybe it's about time we bring out the feather duster and crack open one of our old, new books. Here are some of the novels I've personally neglected in favor of, well, anything else.

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Anyone that knows me at…